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Male Gallery Photos

Design #:E1132B
Nice To Meet You
Penis Cake. 3D sculpture penis with lay-in hand and chain.
Design #:E1102B
Hold Him Down in 3D
Chained down penis cake. Clean shaved erect penis in 3D.
Design #:E1133B
Man of Steel
Nude Cake. 3D male upper torso cake in shape of a rocking muscular body with a six pack.
Design #:E1113A
Blow Your Load
Penis Cake. A guy with a 3D erect penis peeling...peeling his banana.
Design #:E1106B
Fallen Trooper
Cake of a 3D soft penis next to a tombstone at a graveyard. This penis cake is perfect for Over the Hill birthday parties!
Design #:E1130A
Gift of Cum
Penis Cake. 3D penis laying inside a rectangular gift box decorated with red hearts and tied in a red ribbon. The lid is slightly ajar to showcase the gift of cum yet to come.
Design #:E1104A
Hawaiian Dick
3D Penis Cake. Mr. Hawaii has a six pack and an erect penis.
Design #:E1121B
Schlong Masseuse
Erotic Dirty Cake. Hands performing a massage therapy on the penis to arouse an erection.
Design #:E1117B
The End
3D sculpture butt cake.
Design #:E1123B
Rock Hard
Penis Cake. Shape of a man's torso with erect penis.
Design #:E1130B
Jerk Off
Penis Cake. Jerking off in style.
Design #:DE11045
Fondant penis coming out of banana with peels pulled back. Balls designed like coconuts, with custom board.( Ready to Ship)
Design #:DE11055
Jock N The Box
Fondant or airbrushed covered gift box with fondant penis inside, with dollar signs around gift box on custom board.
Design #:DE11054
Mr. Spankee
Handpainted or photo image artwork of Mr. Spankee and his naughty boy, on custom board.( In Store Gallery)
Design #:DE11081
Purple Glow
Round airbrushed cake with 3D penis dripping semen
Design #:DE11082
Giving Thanks
3d Sculptured penis with 2D fruit with a 2D feather attached to penis great for Thanks giving
Design #:DE11083
Air brushed Round cake with 3D erected penis,2D grass with 2D m&ms candy's.
Design #:DE11088
3d Sculpture penis with airbrushed caution tape around cake 2D hammer on custom board with fondant stars
Design #:DE11099
3D sculptured penis with 2D hand wrapped around hairy balls with ring on finger.
Design #:DE11090
Round cake airbrushed desert theme and board with 2D catus with 3D penis
Design #:DE11102
Pink blow
Simple but lovely square cake frosted in butter cream with 2D penis with butter cream roses
Design #:DE11101
Chocolate chocolate
3D Dark Chocolate penis with 2D Chocolate hand holding the penis from the balls with semen trimmed with red boarder
Design #:DE11103
Great White
Custom cake with airbrushed half body surfer with 3D erected penis on a surf board with 2D waves flowing on custom board.
Design #:DE11104
Red Hot
Simple Elegant cake with 2D penis on a foil board
Design #:DE11105
Zebra Bow
3D penis with fondant bow and hair on a custom zebra board with our famous custom name tag

Note: Cakes in this gallery are available for in-store pick-up and local delivery only. To get the price or customize from any of these designs, please send your request through Custom Order. To purchase online now, go to Shop.