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Female Gallery Photos

Design #:E1268A
Sugar Doll in 3D
Erotic, hot, and sexy cake with a 3D bubble butt in a black exotic garter belt and thong.
Design #:E1260B
3D butt cake with exposed vagina.
Design #:E1265B
Open Wide
Pussy Cake. 3D lower female torso with exposed vagina.
Design #:E1276A
Touch Me
Boobs and Pussy Cake. Sculpture cake of a female torso with giant tits and fingers fondling her vagina.
Design #:E1251A
Breast Cake. Sweet perky 3D sculpture breast cake in black lace bra with exposed nipples. Breast cake can be decorated with your choice of color in the lace bra lingerie.
Design #:E1275B
Kinky Time
Dominatrix Cake. Beyond 50 and still having fun.
Design #:E1275A-R
Sexy Chick
3D butt cake with custom tattoo and your choice of color in the lace panty lingerie.
Design #:E1252B
Double Bubble
Butt Cake in blue jean short shorts.
Design #:E1276B
Flamin Hot
Red Bustier brings out the passion and heat in the bossoms.
Design #:E1277A
White Bustier with wavy trims that indicates pure and innocence.
Design #:E1277B
Black Bustier - class and elegance.
Design #:E1278A
Sweet Dream
Black and pink lace corset.
Design #:E1278B
Breasts Enhancement
Botax! This cake is perfect for over the hill birthday parties.
Design #:E1266A
Candy Bottoms
Sexy 3D ass cake with a black and pink bow thong.
Design #:E1279A
Eat Me!
Round cake with a vagina on top.
Design #:E1224B
Bare Tenderness
Bare 3D sculpture butt cake.
Design #:E1201B
3D sculpture cake of a life size woman.
Design #:DE2111
Juicy Booty
Scultptured butt with partial legs covered with boy shorts underwear with pink polka dots and a lower back tattoo on a custom board and plaque.( In Store Gallery)
Design #:DE12078
Fondant breasts with a pink fondant breast cancer awareness ribbon on a custom board.
Design #:DE12139
3d breast with red bra showing the nipples with a custom 49ers board with a football name tag
Design #:DE12141
Rose Buds
Sheet cake with a 2D butt wearing a black garter and thong with a spice of red roses
Design #:DE12137
Dripping Safe
Sheet cake airbrushed to perfection image with a woman dripping cum with a personalize tattoo,musical notes,Magnum also you can replace your very own picture for an additional charge.
Design #:DE12146
All Pink
3d breast with piped on bow on a custom pink board
Design #:DE12151
Photo of sexy woman with thigh highs on a black foil board
Design #:DE12150
Golden breast
3D bare boobs with custom writing on a foil board
Design #:DE12135
Midnight Love
Sheet cake with photo of sexy hot Lady bent over with a 2D exposed vagina on a custom star board
Design #:DE12155
Sculpture of 3D vagina
Design #:DE12142
Pistol N boobs
3D breast with 2D Gun with a personalized tattoo with Red bra
Design #:De12156
fondant frosting Cover of playboy magazine customize your own photo for additional charge turn your dreams into reality
Design #:DE12143
3D sculptured butt with fondant G string with customized tattoo.
Design #:DE12153
Black Diamond
3D breast with lace bra with 2D stones in silver
Design #:DE12158
The Jeans
3D sculpture booty cover with fondant jean shorts
Design #:DE12144
Eat up!
airbrushed round cake with 2D vagina
Design #:DE12149
Exposed Party
3D female torso with exposed vagina and your choice color lingerie

Note: Cakes in this gallery are available for in-store pick-up and local delivery only. To get the price or customize from any of these designs, please send your request through Custom Order. To purchase online now, go to Shop.